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"Infidelity" means cheating.. And that is what Cheating Women is about. Women who are looking for sex and married women who cheat. Our member-base consists mostly of cheating girls and wives cheating. Cheating sex is so bad it's good, its exciting and a bit dangerous and that is why a lot of women chose this.

Most are stuck in a relationship with no hope of getting good sex any day soon, should these women who cheat just sit back and do nothing or take matters into their own hand? There will always be women that cheat just as there will be men who cheat, so we decided to help these people and there's always some local cheaters, so we'll even have a cheating wife for you! Women that cheat are usually called easy women but that is just to easy we reckon.

You could ask yourself why they're so many women looking for sex you might ask yourself and why are there so many married women who cheat? Well why and how is not something we ask and it is also something that we expect from our members not to ask or harass any other members about their reasons for being on our site. Everyone has their own reason for infidelity and no member shall or will judge another member because of this.

Privacy and respect is very important here at, if you have a problem with married women cheating or other women that cheat then please leave Cheating Women right now.. If on the other hand you're thinking "I want to cheat on my husband" or "I want to have an affair" then you have surely come to the right place.